Posters & E-Poster

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

The poster should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract & should meet the following criteria:

  • The poster should be clear, concise and understandable.
  • Size: The poster must be 2*3 feet (W*H) in portrait orientation.
  • After the title, the most significant panels are the Introduction, Methodology and the Conclusion should be clear and visually attractive.
  • Results should be presented graphically if possible.
  • Use pictures, symbols and colour. Figure legends are essential & should be short but informative. Short heading is necessary for graphs.
  • A poster presentation will be hosted in the Poster display area and about 8-10 minutes will be given to present poster including questions and answers.
  • Poster presenters to stand at their poster for at least the 30 minutes of the poster reception.
  • This will allow you the opportunity to talk with delegates about poster and answer questions regarding your work.
  • The poster should be in English only.

Abstracts have to be submitted through online or by electronic mail. The abstract must include particulars of the contestant (e.g., abstract title, name, affiliation, abstract and biography etc.). Accepted abstracts for the competition will be intimated through email.

Herald Meetings offers Best Poster awards to the poster presenters based on the Poster (poster should be as per the above given guidelines) and presenting skills (For Minimum 5 Posters) and award will be decided by the Judge’s (OCM’s or Chair/Co-chair of the session).

Each participant should be ready in front of his/her poster to answer all questions from the judges and delegates during the presentation. Presentation schedule will be informed to you once the program is finalized through electronic mail. However, primary schedule will be informed to you one month prior to the conference.

The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony of the event.

Guidelines for E-Poster Presentation:

Participants, who are unable to attend the conference because of their busy schedule, they can present their research work as E-poster.

  • The E-poster presentations will be presented on a computer screen for 5 minutes during the conference & not on a regular poster board.
  • The uploaded E-poster should contain the title, order of authors, affiliation details, abstract and conclusion same as the submitted abstract.
  • Electronic poster can combined with up to 6 slides.
  • All e-Posters should be prepared in English.
  • The abstract will be published in conference proceeding book and e-poster will be uploaded in the website.

Digital guidelines for E-poster:

  • Pixels: The minimum recommended size (W*H) is 1125 x 2000px & the maximum is 2250 x 4000px. (DPI 300 pixels/inch)
  • File Size: The maximum file size is 4 MB.
  • File Format: Save your file as a PPT, PDF, PNG or JPG in order to send your e-Poster.
  • Media: Pictures, graphs and tables can be included in the e-Poster.

Visuals & Text

  • Visuals have to be simple & bold.
  • Avoid acronyms and broad mathematical notations as much as possible.
  • Posters with 800 words or less are perfect. Avoid submitting crammed and high word-count posters.
  • Use bright colors to improve the detail.
  • Besides your project, the poster could also include forthcoming research plans or questions.
  • Each poster should be just about 1x1 M long.
  • The title, contents and the author’s details should be clearly visible from a distance of 1-2 feet.

    The poster should be clear, concise and understandable.